Vertical Boring Mill

A boring mill is a device that uses a single-point cutting tool to expand holes in various materials. When using a vertical boring and milling cutter, the workpiece rotates around a vertical axis, while the boring cutter moves in a linear manner. In some ways, this is similar to a vertical lathe. A vertical boring machine is a machine used to drill holes in metal. They are very similar to a typical milling machine, in which the workpiece remains stationary and the milling cutter rotates at high speed. These tools are very similar to drill bits on a drilling machine and come in many different shapes and sizes to suit various applications. However, vertical boring and milling machines mainly use boring tools to drill holes vertically in metal. Vertical boring and milling cutters are usually used for drilling or machining cylinders in engine blocks. In this article, we will provide an overview on boring mills.

The reasons you sometimes need to go for a Vertical Boring Mill

When drilling holes in certain metal parts, the drilling machine is sometimes not enough to complete the work. This is because some parts are made of thick metal and therefore require longer holes. In other cases, many holes need to be drilled, which requires precise drilling. Although some of these tasks can certainly be performed on a drilling machine, vertical boring and milling machines are often used for projects with such requirements. Sometimes, when performing precision boring, a computer numerical control (CNC) vertical boring and milling machine are usually necessary to deliver high-quality products. Another common use of vertical boring and milling machines is to honing the cylinder of an engine. Honing is the process of removing any defects on the inner wall of the cylinder with a high-speed tool. After years of service, most engines need to be rebuilt or completely replaced. One of the biggest problems found in many worn engines is the wear of the cylinder wall, which is caused by the wear caused by the rapid reciprocating movement of the piston and the small number of deposits left by the lubricant. Vertical grinders repair the cylinder wall by removing a very small layer of metal, thereby eliminating any defects and providing a new surface for the wall.

Cylinder Boring with a Vertical Boring Mill

Cylinder boring can also take other forms, in which repair is not as simple as reworking the cylinder wall. Sometimes, one of the cylinders in the engine block will be damaged beyond repair, so the cylinder wall must be replaced. After that, a new cast iron sleeve is installed in the new drill hole to form a new cylinder wall. Although this is a frequently performed process, the vertical boring and milling machine can perform many other tasks in addition to cylinder honing. Some of these include drilling holes in a certain order for parts or rearranging the inside of the bearing. Boring and milling machines can also manufacture or repair many other parts found in the engine, thereby being a very useful tool for machine shops.

Vertical boring mills or vertical lathes

Vertical boring and milling machines are often referred to as vertical turret lathes because they can perform almost all traditional lathe operations. Vertical boring and milling cutters are capable of spinning, boring, end nose, taper, and cutting internal and external threads. The difference between a traditional boring and milling machine and a vertical turret lathe is the indexable turret. However, the difference ends here, because both machine designs have a rotating table that supports the workpiece and uses a bridge-like structure with an X-axis. The ram crosses the X-axis guide rail and sends out the cutter. One advantage of the vertical turret lathe is that it can easily place large workpieces and perform machining. Generally, since the parts are held by gravity, the least heavy clamping force is required.

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